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7 Steps for Improving Your Marketing and Sales

Posted by Gary Pinke on July 6, 2017
Your sales are flat or even down.
You just introduced a new product, but all you hear are crickets.
You've had lots of success in the past, but now customers and sales are harder to find.
You continue to work hard, advertise, make calls, discount prices to just get by, but what if there was a better way?

Leads, Leads, Leads

The fact is that you’re not generating enough leads to create the sales your business needs to survive and grow. Sales is a numbers game, get enough leads or traffic and you're bound to sell something.

But when those leads are not coming in, what do you do? What's to blame for the decrease in leads and sales?

Owners and managers want to blame their sales on the marketing and look for immediate fixes to their marketing. You build a new website, try social media or look for the marketing trick of the week. But none of these things are working. Today we have more and more options available to market our businesses than ever before and it can be confusing. 

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Inform, Engage & Sell to Your End Consumer Better

Posted by Gary Pinke on March 3, 2017

It’s a fact - consumers are bombarded everyday by thousands of print, online, radio, billboard, digital sign, TV and mobile messaging. Now more than ever, what you say and where you say it can make the difference between having a healthy bottom line or not.

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Top 3 Digital Signage Trends for 2017

Posted by Gary Pinke on December 20, 2016



Wondering how to grab more market share, increase the impact and return from brand messaging, sell more and provide better customer experiences in 2017?

According to a 2010 Arbitron study, 70% of Americans have seen a digital video display in public spaces within the past month – which is bigger reach than Facebook or internet based videos. And they’re not just glancing, they’re looking longer and remembering that they saw an ad.

Digital signage has many applications, so we’ve put together a quick list of the top three trends we see shaping the future of digital sign communications. No matter size business you’re in, if you have a brick and mortar location of any kind, this is a must read before you finalize your internal and external marketing communications plans for the coming year.

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Celebrate Small Business Saturday and the Power of Small

Posted by Pattie Simone on November 23, 2016



According to American Express, a founding partner, Small Business Saturday started six years ago on November 27th. The United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution the following year to make it official.

By 2013, elected officials in every state and over 1450 Neighborhood Champions helped to get the word out about the value of “shopping small.” The following year, consumers proved they were onboard by spending over $14.5 billion dollars in one day on Small Business Saturday.

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Creating Better Community Bank and Credit Union Branches with Digital Signage

Posted by Gary Pinke on August 22, 2016

In a recent study, Chase found that physical visits to branches declined 30% and mobile app use increased 33% over a one-year period. Fewer people are visiting branches and more are moving to online for some transactions.

If fewer people visit branches, are they becoming irrelevant? Not at all. Branches may be smaller, but with “high visibility and brand presence,” according to the Novantas U.S. Multi-Channels Customer Research 2014 study. Customers find that branches legitimize banks and 34% of customers looking for new checking accounts prefer branches.

In addition, when it comes to account opening, issue resolution and financial advice customer preference has not declined in recent years – these customers still prefer branches at the same rate.

Branding and messaging needs to be more visible and effective to drive better results from less traffic. And, with an increase in customers preferring online for routine transactions the branch image needs to instill confidence that the bank’s online experience is as easy, seamless and convenient as the branch.

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Four Digital Signage Trends

Posted by Gary Pinke on July 18, 2016

I recently attended the InfoComm 2016 show in Las Vegas. InfoComm is a show primarily for Audio Visual (AV) Integrators. AV Integrators do projects like conference rooms, lecture halls, control rooms and PA systems. In Digital Signage we use a lot of the same hardware and technologies. 

A common theme throughout the show was the integration of IT in new products. Coming from the Digital Signage industry, I was not surprised as both AV and IT are integral in designing our systems. In the coming year, look to see more products being connected as IoT (Internet of Things) becomes incorporated into more products.

Based on my observations at the show, I’d like to point out four digital signage trends that I believe will affect digital signage in the future.

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